1. The objectives of the Sports Science study program are to produce bachelor in the field of Sport Science who have the ability as an expert in the field sport in accordance with the development of science the latest knowledge and technology so as to be able to compete at the national, regional and international levels
  2. Producing bachelors in sports who have competence:
    • be devoted to God Almighty, nationalist, honest,
      tough, responsible, responsive, and ready
      carry out the duties and obligations given
      to him
    • professional and superior academic competence
      in the field of sports
    • have the ability and entrepreneurial skills,
      collaborate, cooperate and compete at the level
      national, regional, and international 
    • keep abreast of the latest sports science and
      conduct research in the field of sports for
      help speed up the sports building process
      and contribute significantly in implementing
      community service